The rise of open APIs

The rise of open APIs

Managing new three-way relationships under PSD2 & Open Banking

Part of The Regulation Revolution series, presented by Marketforce and FIS, this webinar takes a practical look at how PSD2 and Open APIs are transforming customer relationships, what this means for banks, and the opportunities and challenges they will face as the deadline for compliance draws nearer.

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With PSD2 setting the pace and the rise of Open APIs  transforming the value chain, it is vital that banks adjust quickly to a world in which third parties are gaining increasing access to the customer relationship. Doing nothing is not an option. Banks must manage these new three-way interactions to deliver innovations and gain customer trust in a more competitive world.

Don’t miss the chance to learn what Open APIs mean for you, what new relationships banks are building, and what opportunities this creates to transform customer engagement. 

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Nick  Middleton Nick Middleton Head of Strategy & Design – Payments TSB Bank
Megan Caywood Megan Caywood Chief Platform Officer Starling Bank Bio
Liisa Kanniainen Liisa Kanniainen VP, Senior Strategic Adviser, CM Sales Nordea Bank Finland Plc Bio
Marijke Koninckx Marijke Koninckx Product Marketing Manager FIS Bio
Lindley Gooden Lindley Gooden Journalist & Filmmaker Bio
This webinar is the third in Marketforce and FIS's The Regulation Revolution series
The banking industry is being hit by a raft of new regulations, from open APIs to GDPR, which threaten to transform the playing field in which both traditional banks and new entrants operate. Marketforce and FIS’s series will shed light on what these changes mean for financial institutions, how they can prepare, and what the future of banking will look like.