The connected railway and beyond

The connected railway and beyond

Taking advantage of the potential of the Internet-of-Things to transform transportation


The Internet-of-Things offers unprecedented opportunities for transport operators to turn their physical assets into sources of data and offer passengers an unparalleled experience. From the ability to track movement in real time to providing value-added services, the potential opportunities are vast. 

This is especially the case in the rail industry, where customer expectations around wi-fi and real-time information are already rising. Failure to keep up with the potential of digital transformation will therefore risk both customers and revenue. Network Rail’s Digital Railway project offers a starting point for this journey, and it will be crucial for every company operating in the rail industry to ensure that they are ready for this unique opportunity to innovate. 

This webinar will discuss the potential of the Internet-of-Things, how the Digital Railway can help the rail industry take advantage, and what this means for the wider transport sector.


  • Assessing the potential applications of the Internet-of-Things for the rail sector 
  • From potential to realisation: the steps to delivering on the promise of IoT 
  • What role could the Digital Railway play in making use of IoT on the rail network?    
  • The Digital Railway: Network Rail’s plans for the future of rail travel  
  • How can train operating companies ensure that they are ready to take advantage of the Digital Railway? 
  • What opportunities does this create for train operating companies to provide value-added services to customers?
  • How can the data from IoT be turned into meaningful insights? 
  • Smart ticketing: creating a seamless customer journey across the network 
  • Utilising mobile tracking to control the flow of people in stations    
  • Lessons from the success of Transport for London in integrating its transport network 
  • Utilising the power of new technologies: ensuring staff safety and increasing productivity through workflow management 
  • What would a truly integrated connected railway look like? 
  • Using IoT across the wider transport sector: forecasting the future 

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Paul Boyle Paul Boyle Head of ERTMS Virgin Trains East Coast
Dan  Holder Dan Holder Programme Engineering Manager - Digital Railway Network Rail
Dr John  Easton Dr John Easton Lecturer University of Birmingham
Joanna  Cracknell Joanna Cracknell Business Development Manager IoT Vodafone Bio
Lindley Gooden Lindley Gooden Journalist & Filmmaker Bio