Insurance innovation – preparing for the future

Harnessing technological change to build the insurance industry of tomorrow

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Marketforce and Guidewire’s webinar will explore the exciting opportunities that new technology offers to insurers, covering the Internet of Things, telematics, new sources of data, digital transformation, customer experience and much more. With expert insight and practical lessons, this webinar will shed light on how the insurance industry can stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant in the digital age.


  • Which new technologies will have the biggest impact on the way the insurance industry works?
  • From the Internet of Things to drones: taking advantage of technology to improve insurers relationship with customers
  • How can insurers activate new technology to create new value-adding propositions?
  • What new data sources will be created and how can their potential be optimised?
  • What are the steps to ensuring insurers gain clear business benefits from innovations?
  • What does the experience of telematics tell us about the future uses of new technologies?
  • How can the insurance industry become more innovative and embrace digital change?
  • What strategies can insurers use to get customer buy-in for revolutionary innovations?
  • What can the insurance industry learn from the experience of other industries in managing digital transformation?

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Gareth Howell Gareth Howell Product Director AXA Group Bio
Kenny Leitch Kenny Leitch Global Telematics Director RSA Group Bio
Gareth McChesney Gareth McChesney Director, Personal Lines Pricing & Underwriting Zurich Insurance Group Bio
Mark Mullin Mark Mullin Product Marketing Director, Digital Channel Guidewire Software Bio