Insurance in the age of disruption

Creating an insurance industry prepared for a digital future

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The insurance industry faces an increasingly uncertain future, with changing customer expectations and ever faster technological innovation representing a threat to its traditional business model. Yet these challenges could also represent an opportunity to transform the customer conversation and build new partnerships for a digital age. 

It is therefore vital that the insurance industry is ready to take advantage of cutting-edge ideas as they come along, and can become leaders rather than followers in their approach to these shifts. This means gaining an understanding of what changes are happening, and what insurers need to do to stay ahead of them. 

This webinar will provide those insights with a senior panel of innovators, operational leaders, and digital experts discussing how the insurance industry needs to change to be ready to compete in the next decade and beyond.

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Steven Zuanella Steven Zuanella Chief Digital Officer, UK General Insurance Zurich Insurance Group Bio
Matthew Poll Matthew Poll Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Neos Bio
Steven Mendel Steven Mendel Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder Bought By Many Bio
Ian Bowen Ian Bowen Commercial Director 1insurer Bio