General Data Protection Regulation: what does it mean for you?

Get ready for the new rules coming in May 2018

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Following over four years of discussion and debate, the General Data Protection Regulation has now been adopted by the EU and will come into force in May 2018. This important and wide-ranging piece of regulatory reform will have a significant impact on the operations of any business using personal data, and banking and payments are set to be two of the sectors most affected. 

This webinar explores what the GDPR proposes and how it will impact the work of financial institutions. Leading experts then outline the most effective ways to respond and take advantage of the opportunities to gain a competitive advantage during this period of rapid transformation.

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This webinar is the first in the FIS series.
The banking industry is being hit by a raft of new regulations, from open APIs to GDPR, which threaten to transform the playing field in which both traditional banks and new entrants operate. Marketforce and FIS’s series will shed light on what these changes mean for financial institutions, how they can prepare, and what the future of banking will look like.