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Innovation, InsurTech, the Internet of Things, the connected home/car, the sharing economy, blockchain, cyber, reputational loss - these are the buzzwords of the moment and sum up the challenges facing the insurance market. How can a traditional, process-orientated and legacy-bound industry embrace new technology, new ways of thinking, and a truly customer-focused, customer-driven approach?How can it attract and retain innovative staff that think differently and are not by their very nature process-focused?

Banks are under intense pressure. They face a perfect storm of low interest rates and investment yields, new regulatory requirements and now the uncertainty of Brexit at the very same time that customers are notably becoming restless. Competition is intensifying as challenger banks and FinTech start-ups threaten traditional value chains, while technology is developing at a dizzying rate, with game-changers such as blockchain and artificial intelligence threatening even to overhaul the industry as we know it.