Engaging and retaining tomorrow’s customer

A cross-sector perspective on loyalty

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With many industries being disrupted from all sides by start-ups that are increasingly focussed on customer satisfaction, it has never been more important for companies to engage their customers and delight them every day. Winning loyalty from millennials is a crucial exercise as they slowly become the most powerful segment of the population. This webinar, hosted by Marketforce and Clarabridge, will bring together retail, telecommunications and financial services firms to discuss what retention and engagement strategies will be fit for purpose in today’s rapidly changing world.

  • Surprise and delight: when, where and why should personalisation take place?
  • The future customer: key strategies for winning the loyalty of millennials
  • Co-creation: what steps should be taken to encourage collaboration with the customer?
  • How can companies move towards a more responsive and agile data strategy?
  • Taking automation to the next level: forecasting the challenges and opportunities
  • Empowering your organisation to act on customer feedback quickly and effectively
  • How best can organisations boost employee engagement to improve customer service?
  • Maximising ROI: re-focussing your strategy on retention over acquisition

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