Encouraging agility in delivery: innovation in post & parcels

Encouraging agility in delivery: innovation in post & parcels

Taking advantage of the opportunities to meet new customer demands and increase revenue


Customer expectations are rising across every industry as a result of innovative start-ups and technological advances. The post and parcel sector has faced particularly acute pressures, with new competitors offering additional services and customers demanding faster and more reliable offerings. 

As a result it is vital that postal operators take theopportunities that technnology provides to offernew services. From the ability to change delivery details in real-time to providing new services like waste collection, the possibilities are endless. 

This webinar will explore how customer expectations are changing, what new services postal operators could provide, and how technology could allow them to take advantage of this potential. 

Panel Discussion

  • How are customer expectations of postal operators changing as a result of innovations in other sectors? 
  • Building an agile supply-chain to deliver a reliable service 
  • Envisaging the future: ensuring delivery maintains relevance throughout the 21st Century
  • What are some of the tailored services that operators can offer to improve the customer experience?
  • Finding the opportunities to increase revenue from these new customer services
  • What more can be done with the workforce that the industry already has?
  • How can technology help in delivering integrated services to customers?
  • The role of technological innovation in supporting decision-makers across the value chain
  • How important are scalable and adaptable operational strategies? 

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