Tracking customer sentiment, and acting on it

From feedback to insight: understanding emotions to build better relationships

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Do you believe that your feedback system tells you how your customers really feel? Think again.

Using artificial intelligence and emotional analysis, you are able to build a more complete picture of your customer feedback than ever before and understand the true emotional response to your brand.

This live video discussion will bring in experienced customer experience professionals with cross-industry viewpoints to explore how to create a successful feedback strategy and how to take the data and turn it into real customer benefits.

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Carolina Vicente Carolina Vicente Director of Digital Marketing Google Bio
Rob Kerner Rob Kerner Head of Innovation Strategy, Business Banking & Private Royal Bank of Scotland Bio
Jo Mayes Jo Mayes Director of Customer Operations Business Stream Bio
Yiannis Maos Yiannis Maos Head of Digital & Business Development Rant & Rave Bio
Lindley Gooden Lindley Gooden Journalist & Filmmaker Bio


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